There is nothing more that screams ‘expert’ to your customers and clients than by letting them know that you have not only taken the steps to writing a book, you have actually had your work published in a top selling online bookstore such as Amazon and is available alongside other published authors such as JK Rowling and Spencer Johnson!

To get your book written quickly takes a lot of enthusiasm, passion and plenty of spare time and while you may have the first two requirements ticked off on your list, there are very few business owners such as yourself that can spare the time to write a book. Quite simply, life gets in the way!

Unfortunately this is why most people never get round to getting their message out. Yet those determined entrepreneurs who have figured out what it is that they know that will make a real difference in people’s lives also figure out that if they can’t afford the time and the headaches to do it themselves, they can find an expert who can get it all done for them.

Knowing what it is that you want to put across to your audience will really ensure that the foundation of the book’s overall picture is set. With some skillful interview techniques, we can help you determine what that is before putting our publishing team to work to create your book in less than six weeks.

Just imagine, in less than six weeks from now, you can be a published author who has positioned themselves as the expert in their niche and, as a result, can demand higher fees and commissions in the process.

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